Approaching the frontier of innovation Approaching the frontier of innovation
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Approaching the frontier of innovation
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Omics researcher

operating duty:

1. Be responsible for market research and analysis, including information collection and analysis of industry and main competitors, and determine the market positioning of products;

2. Collect and sort out customer needs, cooperate with R & D department and integrate relevant conclusions into product design and planning;

3. Coordinate the cross functional team to plan and implement product development, including the process of transferring product design to production;

4. Cooperate with QA department to ensure that products comply with relevant regulations of regulatory authorities and assist QA in obtaining approval from regulatory authorities;

5. Serve as a bridge between R & D and clinical application, develop application scenarios, and deploy products and related workflow to clinical laboratories;

6. Cooperate with the sales team to formulate product marketing planning, communication principles, scripts and action plans;

7. Cooperate with the technical support team to carry out product knowledge training and after-sales service for sales personnel and dealers;

8. Be responsible for developing and maintaining product related documents, including product definition, technical standards, quality standards, etc.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in biology and medicine (clinical medicine or clinical diagnosis is preferred, master is preferred);

2. More than 2 years of product management experience in related industries;

3. Be familiar with the sales operation mode and channels of diagnostic and testing products, have a sensitive sense of the market and strong consultation and collection ability, and have experience in marketing and promotion of relevant products;

4. Excellent interpersonal communication skills, organization and coordination skills and team spirit; Strong expression ability and certain copywriting organization ability.

Demand quantity:2
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