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Qlife is a high-tech company in precision medicine.

Centered on mass spectrometry technology and driven by multi-omics research, we are the pioneer in developing innovative diagnostic products, providing leading clinical mass spectrometry solutions for the healthcare industry, and integrating omics research, mass spectrometry instrument, IVD reagents, as well as ICL services. We lead the multi-omics research translation and clinical mass spectrometry technology for precision medicine in China.

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Leading products and services
As of December 31, 2021
Our products and services
Leading the development of Chinese clinical mass spectrometry market
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Qlife focuses on precision medicine by launching 500+ clinical mass spectrometry assays, launched proprietary mass spectrometry instrument and complementary IVD reagents, providing leading clinical mass spectrometry total solutions for the healthcare industry.
  1. Omics Research Services

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