Leader of multi-omics research for precision medicine Leader of multi-omics research for precision medicine
Leader of multi-omics research for precision medicine

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International leading technology platform, first-class technology development capabilities

qULTRA™——Build a proprietary high-throughput clinical omics analysis platform!

qULTRA™: Unbiased-Larger scale-Translational-Rapid-Automatic Quantification Omics platform

Qlife’s proprietary qULTRA precision omics platform is a globally leading clinical proteomics and metabolomics research platform, which meets both the market demand and the requirements of clinical diagnosis. It can realize targeted and untargeted clinical omics research, ranging from the new biomarker discovery to the verification of clinical diagnosis technology innovation, and to the translation of clinical diagnosis products, It effectively bridges the gap of technology translation in life science and healthcare research.

The qULTRA omics platform focuses on clinical translation and application, ranging from standardized sample preparation, to panoramic nondestructive mass spectrometry analysis, and to data analysis and bioinformatics analysis based on proprietary databases. It overcomes the bottleneck issues of poor stability, low throughput, and high costs in traditional omics research. It has transformed the advanced omics research into the technology truly suitable for large cohort and large-scale clinical studies.

  • 01
    Biosample collection
    Biosample collection

    Standardizing the collection, processing and storage of biosamples, establishing information management system, and standardizing management system and technical standard system

  • 02
    Automatic preparation
    Automatic preparation

    Sample preparation is fully automatic; effectively improving the speed and reliability of sample preparation and reducing the risk of error

  • 03
    High-throughput mass spectrometry analysis
    High-throughput mass spectrometry analysis

    large-scale, ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry, large-scale, high-end triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, from untarget discovery to targeted verification and translation

  • 04
    Data processing
    Data processing

    Extraction of raw data, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, bioinformatics analysis

  • 05
    Big data analysis
    Big data analysis

    Big data analysis, machine learning, modeling

  • Proprietary intellectual property rights
    Proprietary intellectual property rights
    Proprietary intellectual property rights
    Proprietary intellectual property rights

    Original standardized, high-throughput omics extraction technology and high-throughput, deep coverage omics technology testing technology;

    Proprietary proteomics and metabolomics spectral libraries.

  • Excellent stability
    Excellent stability
    Excellent stability
    Excellent stability

    Eliminate major interferences and meet clinical testing criteria (reproducibility > 90%, CV < 8%);

  • High throughput
    High throughput
    High throughput
    High throughput

    Panoramic acquisition + spectral library analysis + innovative algorithm;
    It is suitable for high-throughput analysis for large cohort of 10,000-person scale;
    Very short time to achieve deep coverage;
    It is suitable for the testing of most sample types, realizing the automation and high-throughput quantification of omics testing.

  • Low costs
    Low costs
    Low costs
    Low costs

    Localized production of all reagent consumables (cost reduced by more than 80%);
    Standardized testing procedures and parameters suitable for large- scale testing (suitable for large cohort studies). (Infographic)

  • Clinical research
    Clinical research
    Clinical research
    • Biomarker studies
    • Pathology studies
    • Clinical cohort studies
  • Disease diagnosis
    Disease diagnosis
    Disease diagnosis
    • Cardiovascular disease risk prediction
    • Early screening of malignant tumors
    • Early screening and diagnosis of maternal and neonatal diseases
    • Early screening and diagnosis of neurological diseases
  • Drug development
    Drug development
    Drug development
    • Discovery of novel drug targets
    • High-throughput screening of small molecule ligands
    • Study of drug action mechanism
    • Phenotyping and sequencing of biologic drugs
Mass spectrometry experts
Mass spectrometry experts lead the technology
development to drive our rapid growth
Xiaoliang Cheng,Ph.D.
Xiaoliang Cheng,Ph.D.
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Qlife

Winner of Global Science and Technology Awards (R&D 100 Awards)


Secretary General of the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Specialty Committee, the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association


Standing member of the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Innovation and Development Branch, China Association for Medical Devices Industry


The first Chinese winner of the Distinguished Alumnus Award since the founding of the Missouri University of Science and Technology in 1860


Member of the American Chemical Society


Honorary Member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry


Dr. Cheng graduated from the Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Ph.D. degree in analytical chemistry. He is one of the first researchers of mass spectrometry, proteomics and metabolomics in China, and has been developing mass spectrometry technology and application for nearly 20 years.With the vision and passion to promote the development of mass spectrometry technology in China, Dr. Cheng founded Qlife Lab in 2016, leading Qlife to focus on pioneering the innovation in precision medicine. Centered on mass spectrometry technology and driven by omics research, Qlife keeps providing innovative diagnostic products and services, so that everyone can benefit from precision medicine.

R & D core team

Drivenby independent innovation   Hundredsof intellectual property rights and invention patents   Numerousgloballycompetitive core technologies


Core r&d personnel are from the world'stopresearch institutes           Master's degree or above accounts for 50%

Visionary Planning, global cooperation
  1. Innovative diagnostics Innovative diagnostics
    Innovative diagnostics

    Based on the leading omics research platform, Qlife has developed a suite of efficient and mature clinical translational research programs, which can be widely used in many clinical fields, and continues to develop innovative diagnostics to strengthen its advantages in the market.

  2. Domestic mass spectrometers Domestic mass spectrometers
    Domestic mass spectrometers

    By introducing foreign advanced technology and strengthening cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes, we make in-depth planning for developing mass spectrometry instrument , increase our product line of instrument, and promote the localization of mass spectrometry instrument .

  3. Omics research services Omics research services
    Omics research services

    Leveraging the leading omics research platform, Qlife can provide customized research services for clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies, assisting in the development of biomarkers, and empowering the full cycle of new drugs from development to post-marketing.

Global cooperation and pioneering development

Forging strategic cooperation with world famous technology enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, research institutes, monitoring global trends of application of precision omics, synchronizing the planning of domestic pioneering R&D.

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