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Approaching the frontier of innovation
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Mass spectrometry after-sales engineer

operating duty:

1. Responsible for project transfer and project performance verification of agilent and Waters and other hydraulic test platforms;

2. Responsible for the on-site installation, debugging, maintenance and daily maintenance of customers' instruments and equipment, and provide technical support and guidance for users;

3. Accepted chromatographic and mass spectrometer failures, analyzed the causes of failures, developed maintenance plans, and solved all kinds of instrument failures.


 Job requirements:

1. Experience in operation and maintenance of analytical instruments (liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry) is preferred; interdisciplinary background in chemistry, biology, medicine, electronics is preferred;

2. Familiar with Thermo fisher ,ABSciex, Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu GC-MS is preferred;

3. Independent working ability, good at communication, able to travel.

4. Ability to perform performance verification independently according to SOP.

Demand quantity:4
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