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Approaching the frontier of innovation
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Financial management trainee

operating duty:

1. Assisted the audit project leader to participate in the implementation of audit projects to ensure the smooth progress of audit projects;

2. Participate in the implementation of specific audit projects, obey the project task arrangement, and carry out audit work strictly according to the requirements of the project leader;

3. Strong ability of cross-department cooperation and coordination, learning and applying new knowledge, and working under pressure;

4. Obey the work arrangement of the department and complete other related work assigned by the leader on time.


Job requirements:

1. Major in finance, audit or related field, bachelor degree or above, master degree preferred;

2. Quick learning ability and adaptability;

3. Good professional quality, strong sense of responsibility, team work spirit and strong execution ability; 4. Strong sense of responsibility and thirst for knowledge.

Demand quantity:2
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